Gas transmission by Mother-Daughter method

In some small cities or villages and industrial region due to low population , impossibility to cross or other problems , establishment of gas transmission line is very hard and in some cases very expensive which is not economically justifiable In this method gas is transferred to areas by trailer containing compressed natural gas. In fact, cities or villages or industrial zone which are receiving this service owns a local gas transfer pipeline which through a terminal is connected to the cylinders containing compressed natural gas. These cylinders are brought to these areas from their origin station where they are filled with natural gases.

In this method the supplying station is so called Mother and Distribution station is so called Daughter.

In this method, natural gas is filled in CNG cylinders and carried by trailer to areas excluding main gas pipeline where the gas pressure is reduced in Daughter station and distributed to consumers through a local pipeline.

This method has many advantages in vast scale some of them are as follows :

We can use this method for gas feeding of different industries and gas power plant.

Many villages beside to woods use fossil fuels such as oil and oil-gas for heating in winters or cut the trees for using as fuel therefore applying mother-daughter method has many environmental advantages as well.

Executing this plan obviates dispatching of liquid gas in cylinders for industrial and housing usages which due to shortage of liquid gas sources in our country is a desired method.